Upcoming Events in London – 28th Jan till 30th Jan 2014

Visiting London today or reading this article today? Lucky enough, today’s your chance to visit some of the events famous and worth watching in London. Take out some time for some of them.

28th January


At least four events await you tomorrow, 28th January. Dark comedy is where dark comedy or black humor is used to make people laugh all the while conveying serious issues and encouraging people to deal with those issues. Visit Effra social, 8 P.M if you wish to attend it.



Literary Stand-up is your ticket to witness outstanding standup comedy, be sure to donate £1to McMillan trust. Yer Ear, 7:45 in the evening.



Costal photography, held 28th January-10th March, provides you with some very good coastal photography about RNLI work. Just visit City hall if you want to know more.



Chinese crafts is where you’ll learn a lot about the rich crafts and the craftsmanship of Chinese people. Knitting to paper lanterns, this is your chance to learn about their heritage. 7:30 P.M is the time.


29th January


Media debate, held  6 P.M at Weiner library, is a free event encouraging youngsters from 16 to 25 to discuss about social media and how contents regarding to the holocaust should be regulated over it.



In Georgian conservation, you can experience discussion about Georgian building’s conservation located at Roupell Street. Please prebook before 6 P.M.



New Train event offers you a chance to see the full sized model train of future. Make yourself present by 2 P.M at ExCel centre.


30th January


With £4 pre-booking, or by showing up with a pound more, you can watch David Mills and Suzy Bennett do what they do best. Turn up 7:30 P.M



Devereux provides visit strangers offers you chance to interact with strangers and discuss issues you would like to. Just be there by 7:00 in the evening with £4.

Be sure to visit the ones you find most astonishing and exciting.