Upcoming Events In London – 11′feb 2014 – 16′feb 2014

London city is busy every time of the year. Be it work, art, recreation, festivals or events. Visitors and tourists find something every time they visit London. This week is just the same. Here’s a list of some free or very cheap events that can be attended this week.

Tuesday, 11th of February

Event: Lecture – Why Gender Still Matters in the Modern World?

Venue/Host: King Alfred School

Time: 3 pm

Lecture at King Alfred School

Turn up for free for this curious & interesting lecture.


Event: The Night Where They Do Writing

Venue/Host: Drink Shop & Do

Time: 7 pm

Drink Shop & Do with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

Watch upcoming authors avail a chance to showcase their best work.


Event: Liars League – Poetry

Venue/Host: Phoenix

Time: 7:30 pm

Liars League with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

For £5 Liars’ League brings actors telling exclusive stories.


Event: Poetry Unplugged

Venue/Host: Poetry Society

Time: 7:30 pm

Poetry Society with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

Poetry Society brings to you, for £4-£5, a weekly open mic night.


Wednesday, 12th of February

Event: Lunch Break – Free Guided Walk

Venue/Host: Holborn and inside the Conway Hall

Time: 7:30 pm

Holborn with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

A free, but pre booked guided walk meeting outside Holborn Station.


Event: Read and Talk

Venue/Host: Waterstone’s Piccadilly

Time: 6:30 pm

Waterstone’s Piccadillywith BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

Pre book and attend Author Joanne Harris discuss her new novel


Event: Loose Muse

Venue/Host: The Poetry Café

Time: 8 pm

Peotry with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

Turn up with £5 to attend London’s regular event for women writers.


Event: Cyber World – Quiz ‘n’ Paste

Venue/Host: Picturehouse – Hackney

Time: 7 pm

Pulpit rock

This is your ticket to attend Comic quick about cyber and tech for just £4; don’t forget to pre book.


Thursday, 13th of February

Event: Lunch Ideas Tap Takeover: Love

Venue/Host: Rich Mix – Bethnal Green

Rich Mix with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

It’s a free 5-Day creativity festival including comedy, readings and more.


Event: London Pulse

Venue/Host: Kensington Central Library

Time: 6pm

Kensington Central Library with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

Pre book for free and listen to the stories behind West London’s development.


Event: Lecture about Ethics and Media

Venue/Host: Sheikh Zayed Centre – Holborn

Time: 6:30 pm

Lecture about Ethics and Media with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

 Watch experts and scholars debate about media and communication for free.


Event: Talk Art

Venue/Host: South London Gallery

Time: 7 pm

South London Gallery with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

You’ll have to pre book for £5 to watch Marc Chaimowicz discuss his latest work for Madame Bovary novel.


Event: Stand Up and Laugh

Venue/Host: Dogstar – Brixton

Time: 7:30 pm

Stand Up and Laugh with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

Pre book for £5 and attend this stand-up comedy event.


Event: It’s Not A Question of Taste – Talk about Cannibalism

Venue/Host: Old King’s Head

Time: 8 pm

Kings head with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

By pre booking for £2.50/£ 1.50, you can be a part of talk about shipwrecking, cannibalism and historical evidences.


Friday, 14th of February

Event: On the Move – London Stories

Venue/Host: London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

Be the one to see the 50 exhibition entries for Serco Prize for Illustration 2014. It’s free but with paid entry.


Event: Art Exhibition – The Anathomy of Melancholy

Venue/Host: The 19th century Chapel of St Barnabas

Pre book by email for this exciting exhibition by solo artist Dr. Viktor Schroeder.


Event: Anti-Slam: Anti-Valentine

Venue/Host: Hackney

Time: 7:30 pm

Pre book for £4-£5 to see London’s poets bring their class.


Saturday, 15th of February

Event: Heritage – Listed Property Show

Venue/Host: London Olympia

For a free pre book you can get best advices for property management.


Event: Arty Family – Creativity

Venue/Host: White Chapel Gallery

Time: 12 pm

 Winter Family Day with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

Attend the winter family day for parents and families; free but requires pre booking.


Event: Children’s Book Swap

Venue/Host: Shoreditch Trust’s Waterhouse Restaurant

Time: 12 pm

 Shoreditch Trust’s Waterhouse Restaurant with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

Swap your old or read books with someone else for free.


Event: Greece – Development Screening

Venue/Host: The Hellenic Centre in Paddington

Time: 1:15 pm & 3:15 pm

 Hellenic Centre in Paddington with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

Learn all about post-war Greece evolving into modern Greece. Pre book by email and turn up on time.


Event: Live Performance

Venue/Host: The Queen’s House – Greenwich

Time: 12 pm

 The Queen’s House with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

Watch performance artist resurrect the story of Emma Hamilton for free.

Sunday, 16th of February

Event: Frock Me – Fashion

Venue/Host: Chelsea Town Hall

Time: 11 am

 Frock Me - Fashion with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

A £4 only pre book gives you the chance to see hundreds of clothes from the past.


Event: Guided Walk at Cemetery

Venue/Host: Tower Hamlet Cemetery

Time: 2 pm

 walk to Tower Hamlet Cemetery with BookApartmentsinLondon.co.uk

It is a free guided walk in Tower Hamlet Cemetery.