Upcoming Events in London – 03′feb 2014 – 09′feb 2014

Tourists in London face some problems when they are on a short notice. They want to be acquainted with the basic culture and values of London but do not have time because they are running short of time. They can look at this schedule and attend these events. And a basic description provided alongside gives them an idea which events meet their minds.

Monday, 3rd of February

Event: ARTY- London from the rooftops

Venue: The Print Space

Te print space - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Free to attend and on the list till 11th, this event lets you see some of London’s finest views from above.


Event: Frost fair

Venue: Broadgate Ice Rink

Time: 5 PM

Broadgate Ice Rink- BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Another free ice skating event, including market stalls and of course; free games!!


Tuesday, 4th of February

Event: DIY love card

Venue: King’s cross

Time: 7 PM

King’s Cross - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Exhibit your love and creativity to your life partner. Using tips provided, make valentine cards for your soul mate.


Event: Pub Quiz-You’re gonna need a bigger boat

Venue: Kentish town

Time: 7:30 PM

assembly house at Kentish town- BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

It’s a quiz that will be held at assembly house at Kentish town. Be sure o bring £4.


Wednesday, 5rd of February

Event: Lunch Break

Venue: Inner space- Covent Garden

Time: 1 PM

Lunch at Covent Garden - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Pre book for free here and try something creative in your lunch break.


Event: Poetry and boxing

Venue: Royal Festival Hall

Time: 8 PM

Royal Festival Hall - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Like the name says, it’s poetry meets boxing. Turn up to know more. Pre book through email here.


Event: Remembering Burroughs

Venue: Westminster reference library

Time: 6 PM

Remebering Burroughs - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Paying a tribute to the great writer and artist, this walk will be led by William Redwood and Antony Clayton. Email pre booking here


Thursday, 6th of February

Event: Book Talk

Venue: Olivier Theatre (National Theatre)

Time: 5:30 PM

Oliver Theaters - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Pre book and hear Alan de Botton talk about his new book, The News. Only £4


Event: Poetry Slam

Venue: Stepney Green (Genesis Cinema)

Time: 7 PM

Genesis Cinema- BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Pre book for free and enjoy the spoken words and poetry with drinks and food.


Event: Walk and Talk

Venue: New Theatre at Houghton Street

Time: 6:30 PM

New Theatre at Houghton Street - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk


LSE will be featuring two film screenings followed by Q&A. And it’s free.


Event: Concert

Venue: St Mary’s Church- Twickenham

Time: 7:30 PM

New Theatre at Houghton Street - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Turn up at provided time to witness the concert with live performance by Webern, Mendelssohn and Ravel.


Friday, 7th of February

Event: Art-Repentista

Venue: Gallery Nosco – Goodge Street

Gallery Nosco - Goodge Street - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Free, and until 23rd Feb, turn up to witness a platform provided to Brazilian contemporary artists.


Event: Burn After Reading

Venue: Gallery Café

Time: 7 PM

Gallery Cafe - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Bring £3 along and witness spoken word scenes at their finest.


Event: Cinema in Museum- Arts Meet Film

Venue: Olivier Theatre (National Theatre)

Time: 6 PM

Gallery Cafe - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

This is your chance to see young experimental movie makers. And you don’t have to pay anything.


Saturday, 8th of February

Event: Vintage- Jumble and Pearls Vintage & Designer Fair

Venue: Leonard Street – The Book Club

Time: 12 PM

Leonard Street - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Be there to see young designers’ magnificent creations. Free.


Event: Orchestra

Venue: Jerwood Hall

Time: 7:30 PM

Jerwood Hall - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Guildhall School musicians give a free performance as a part of artistry course.


Sunday, 9th of February

Event: Antiques – Adams antiques fair

Venue: The Royal Horticultural Hall

Time: 10 AM

The Royal Horticultural Hall - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Longest running antiques fair. Only £4.


Event: Love Yourself

Venue: Neighborhood Centre

Time: 4:30 PM

Neighborhood Centre - BookApartmentsinlondon.co.uk

Talk about yourself and your self esteem here. It’s only you today.

Enjoy your week with these inexpensive and enlightening events.