How to survive summers in London?

Finally most waited season for London; summers are now here, as summers are considered to be high season for London. During summers visitors from around the world come to visit London which increases its population which sucks on the Underground stations. Because of heat and increased humidity, In London Summers is a season which has a kind of special to experience because the winter months in London lasts more than 9 months from September to June. To survive in this weather becomes quite an issue with population increase heavily and Londoners are not quite use to of hot temperatures. So, here are the few tips to survive in this season.

Londoners are quite familiar to survive in such season as they are very much familiar with this issue, but for the first time traveler this might be useful.

Wear your lightest Clothes


In London it not only gets hot in summers but HOTTER! as many of the historical architecture reflects and absorbs heat more into themselves which make rooms more hotter than they actually are which results more humidity as things get sticky because of summer breeze. And on the underground it gets exacerbated as many of the underground stations and tubes stations becomes more suffocating, humid, and heat traps. So don’t get overdose, Wear your lightest clothes even if it’s a chilly start of the day and by the rush hour the underground stations will be completely gets filled with thousands of people where you would find hard to survive. If you are not use to of such conditions avoid going from these stations take a cab or bus for your health sake.

Take all the water!


In this hot summer your body gets dehydrated more quickly and I mean really quickly in London. Most of us doesn’t drink enough water as it is their habit or they just don’t feel like taking it, But situation which gets in London try carrying water bottles with you all the time, and drink water more often. People usually get passed out and gets collapsed on the ground more often. So if you got stuck somewhere it’s not an issue if it’s cool but a major problem if the atmosphere is steamy. Taking a 500ml water bottle on each substantial trip would be very much useful.

Take a Deodorant Spray


When you are in extreme hot conditions when our body generates more perspiration and gets more sweaty then the normally, Try caring an Air freshener or deodorant with you because being stuck on station for hours under someone’s armpit would not be an appropriate accident even if it’s glamorous female. Deodorants have now engaged themselves in anti sweat race with different brands offering several hours of sweat protection. I would advise you to go for the highest number of hours, don’t look on the 24hours or 36 hours even 48 hours of sweat protection trying going for 96 hours of sweat protection as others won’t last long .

Travel light

As London is one of top most priorities of visitors, the tourists are here all round the year of course but in summers there’s even a bigger crowd. Visitors are mostly here to spend their holidays enjoy having the quality time and they travel’s a lot. This all put Strain on London’s train station and other services. Things get uncomfortable for Londoners. To avoid such circumstances trying traveling light, don’t carry enough bags or luggage or any other precious item with you as it might get stolen or lost in extreme crowded streets of London.

Plan different routes

Free-routes-for travelling

Londoners have the advantage of knowing the streets and routes more; they can work on different routes while the one gets jammed or gets crowded. But if you are new in London then carrying a map would be appropriate to not get lost on London’s street. For Londoners it’s easier for them to plan different routes. But for visitors plan your routes before going to someplace as one route gets busy switch your route plan from A to B. this will help you in reaching you destination more quickly even if the roads and streets are busy.

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