Serviced Apartments as Accommodation in London – Find Experts Opinion

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In London it can be challenging to find an inexpensive place to stay especially when you are on your holidays and have excessive traveling companion with you or you are in mood to tour London.

We asked different travelers, tourists, and expert authors of the highly regarded in London Guidebook, to share their thoughts and guide the individuals to recommend some good budget accommodations in London.

Look what they have Said:

 “London offers a wide alternative of quality accessible accommodations than any other city. Although it’s not an easy task to find accommodations which full fill all the luxury requirement of any individual tourist or a family who is looking for a good holiday vacation for few days.  Hence all the accommodations information are based on the experienced international travelers who take access issues into account.”

 “London is a huge city, having one of the oldest transport systems, designed over a century ago. In spite of great progress in accommodation system, traveling around London is one of the biggest problem or challenge for the first time visitors to London, who are in urge to explore this one fascinating city, they want to be mobile and independent to see many of the sights of the city.”

 “That’s why the place which visitors like to stay must in near proximity to many of the London accommodations hence it plays an enormous importance! Then I would like to add, with a little determination anything is possible.”

 “We would recommend you to stay somewhere near to DLR or an accessible tube station. “

(A Step Free London map is always available)

“Hotel prices in London vary substantially, depending on the demand for staying for a particular night. You can save you substantial if you book a hotel room earlier, only few hotels offers accessible rooms with double bed which is suitable for some but not for others. But whatever you choose it will be a compromise.”

With the expert advices and their consult we have would like to share our 5 best serviced accommodations located in different areas of London with their exclusive features and overview of the location. Read it out below

 Top Five Choices for Accessible Budget Accommodation:

  • The Grand Plaza serviced apartment, which is a large back packers serviced apartment in bayswater, with accommodation designed for travelers and visitors with beautiful view and modernly furnished with all amenities.

Grand Plaza Serviced Apartments

  • The Ashburn serviced apartment located in Central London is ideal for any tourist specially photographers,  situated near to the Tower Bridge and London Eye and around 750m away from the Canada Water Tube Station, which means you can access to anywhere in London within minutes. It also has one hell of a view from its balcony.

ashburn serviced apartments

Ashburn Serviced Apartments

  • The Shaw House Serviced apartment in Mayfair would be ideal choice for people visiting London especially mayfair, as it has not only quality apartment but spacious rooms and much wider area for any family to stay with their family and kids.

Shaw House Serviced apartment

Shaw House Serviced Apartment

  • Sloane Avenue Serviced apartment in Chelsea are ideal for short stay as it has one of the cheapest rates in London with great value accommodation and also offers various home like services including self catering, which is ideal for any short stay tourist who is low on budget and wants to explore more of London.

Sloane Avenue Serviced apartment

Sloane Avenue Serviced apartment

  • If you are fan of London architecture than having a serviced apartment near Tower bridge and in the main City would be very much ideal and at much cheaper price, you will find one comfortable and quality serviced apartment in Minories. It is one of the recently developed serviced apartments located in financial district close to the Tower of London.

All of these serviced apartments located in different areas of London have several accessible rooms attached with bath and modern lavatories, all offer separate beds and also parking area if requested. All of these serviced apartment having advantage of location which is close many of the London top attractions and various other popular restaurants, shopping areas, cinema, theaters, art galleries, museums are nearby so one would have no trouble in touring London at all. Other than that, the bus network and tube stations are also nearby which means you can roam anywhere in London within minutes.

serviced apartments in london city

In the end what maters the most is the PRICE, we offer a price beat price feature to our exclusive clients which means we don’t only give an apartment on the same price as offered by someone with having same features but we will beat their price as well. We offer one of the cheapest price accommodations in London which is £67.15 per night for our Roland House Serviced apartment near to Kensington; this apartment features a nice 2 bedroom apartment equipped with all basic needs and nearer to prestigious shopping areas of Knightsbridge and major exhibition centers Olympia and Earls Court. This will definitely delight your stay and make your visit a memorable one.

Other than these Serviced apartments you can also other serviced accommodations in London which are also listed on our website. You can login whenever you like and can avail our exclusive offers, we will guide with all the relevant details about touring and staying in London. You can also book your apartments online we can share live feeds and pictures of apartment with you when you want.