Chinese New Year 2014 with Other Upcoming Events in London

A few days ago, We wrote an article informing the visitors which places they can go to while on their vacations or tour in London. The article covered events starting from 27th January till 30th January. Today, We are going to be notifying about the events occurring on 31st of January and at the weekend following 31st January.

Friday, 31st of January

Event:  Late Night Museum

Venue: National History Museum

Time: 6 PM


This is your chance to not only pursue the standard exhibits, but also to attend adult-only and light night opening with good food and exciting restaurants. The entry is free for most part. Only some exhibits will be charged.


Event:  Roller skating – Friday Night Skate

Venue: Wellington Arch (Meeting)

Time: 8 PM

Wellington Arch

Feel what it’s like to skate the streets of London. Just be there at 8 to skate and meet at Wellington Arch. Visit their website to get more info about routes and cancellations.

Saturday, 1st of February

Event: Get Running

Venue: Multiple locations

Time: 9 AM

Pre book for free and start running this Saturday with park runs taking place at many locations in London. View locations and pre book here.


Event: Morning Poetry

Venue: Hornsey Street

Time: 11 AM

Hornsey Street

See comedian and poet John Hegley entertaining people with his morning poetry session. Pre-book and be sure to donate whatever you can, the proceeds go to Holloway arts festival.


Event: Martial arts

Venue:  Rich mix- Bethnal Green Road Shoreditch

Time: 12 PM

Rich mix- Bethnal Green Road Shoreditch

Turn up to see free Martial arts exhibition, for food, drink and the children’s art work shop.


Sunday, 2nd of February

Event: Chinese New Year

Venue: Trafalgar Square

Time: 10 AM

Chinese New Year 2014 with

Always wanted to attend the Chinese New Year? Now is your chance. Starting from parade and offering free performances, this event goes throughout the day.


Event: Space Art

Venue: Barge-house, OXO tower

Time: 11 AM

OXO Tower with

Sunday is the last day to visit Republic of the Moon exhibition featuring arts, photographs and performances on lunar themes celebrating Moon landing.