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  • Upcoming Events in London – 03′feb 2014 – 09′feb 2014

    Tourists in London face some problems when they are on a short notice. They want to be acquainted with the basic culture and values of London but do not have time because they are running short of time. They can look at this schedule and attend these events. And a basic description provided alongside gives […]

  • How Would Be The Celebration of New Year’s Eve 2014?

    As the month of December approaches towards its end, then it is time to celebrate the record-breaking New Year celebration in the capital of England. As there are, numerous spots where you can see live fireworks celebration in different areas of London. Whether you are at Opera House, or in any famous Landmark of London, […]

  • Things to do in London at Christmas Eve!

    West End Christmas Lights To enjoy the true essence of Christmas, UK is your place. If you want to enjoy one of the best lightnings in United Kingdom then head towards London’s West End, where you enjoy some light night shopping with lighten up streets and buildings all over London.     Winters in London As […]

  • London’s Top Food Attractions – A must Eat Places Guide

    London east end is undoubtedly one of the most hip areas of London. That’s why It should not be a surprising area that you will find in London’s trendiest food east of the city. Hence because of the immigrant’s history of East London, food cooked in hair would be typicallyculturally diverse. Also you can find […]

  • London Eye to Watch Whole London in Single Vision

    If you have interest in grand architecture of London and its history, then no other place in London would be suitable enough to view its beauty rather than from the top of London Eye. Its 45 minutes flight displays the unique perspective of the city Westminster, the Thames River, of course, the south bank. It’s […]

  • Last Week’s Events Took Place in London | 9-15 September’13 Events

    9 September’13 Abbots Bromley Horn Dance On August 1226, the Abbots Bromley Horn dance play fair was held at Staffordshire, it’s one of the ritual customs which survives with the passage of time. This year at 9th September, the event is again going to take place. The dancers after collecting the horns from church, performs […]

  • Upcoming London Events of August 2013!!

    Monday 5 August OPERATING LONDON:  It’s August 5, then it’s the day to visit the Old operating theater, to experience the workshop on discovering the difficulties surrounding St. Thomas hospital, it’s a family workshop based on the 19th century case, the entry is free and show starts at 2 pm. It’s a not to be […]

  • How to survive summers in London?

    Finally most waited season for London; summers are now here, as summers are considered to be high season for London. During summers visitors from around the world come to visit London which increases its population which sucks on the Underground stations. Because of heat and increased humidity, In London Summers is a season which has […]