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  • Upcoming Events in London – From 28 Oct to 3 Nov’13

    Monday 28 October The Duke Mitchell Film Club  In the month of Halloween, why not let’s make this creepier by joining at The Duke Mitchell Film Club for some vintage films from the world, to join in the vintage night show up at The Phoenix Artist Club, the entrance is free from 7pm to onwards. […]

  • Upcoming Events in London – From 26 Oct’13 to Onward

    The Exciting month of October has almost comes to end, but in London we don’t end things like that. London has something very important to give while this month is about to end as London stores the best to give away at the very last. During the last weekend of the October you can enjoy […]

  • Serviced Apartments as Accommodation in London – Find Experts Opinion

    In London it can be challenging to find an inexpensive place to stay especially when you are on your holidays and have excessive traveling companion with you or you are in mood to tour London. We asked different travelers, tourists, and expert authors of the highly regarded in London Guidebook, to share their thoughts and […]

  • Check Out The Most Exciting October in London!

    Being held across the seven dials in Covent Garden, The London Cocktail has loads of going on for the booze freaks which also includes pop-up bars, seminars, tastings, master classes and parties. There is also screening being held of 80’s classic cult. Also Weird Science being accompanied by some freaky cocktails brunch, also a three […]

  • Get Ready for the Upcoming Halloween 2013 in London

    Londoners has their own way of celebrations specially Halloween, no one celebrates Halloween like the way Londoners do. There are plenty of events being going on in London specially this Halloween for both Adults and Kids. Whether you are fancy about going to a Halloween themed party or to a dance club, or sit back and […]

  • London’s Top Food Attractions – A must Eat Places Guide

    London east end is undoubtedly one of the most hip areas of London. That’s why It should not be a surprising area that you will find in London’s trendiest food east of the city. Hence because of the immigrant’s history of East London, food cooked in hair would be typicallyculturally diverse. Also you can find […]